Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 20
Up the stairs without a creek.
Game 19
Finding Misgivings

After receiving another round of strange, disturbing notes, the Party decides explore Foxglove Manor, looking for the mysterious murderer that keeps leaving them the said notes.

upon arriving at the seaside manor, around which looks very sickly and dead plant life, Gorge noticed the presence of a ‘zombie raven’ which flew off to the north away from the house after being approached.

Rodmere and Valeros went to scout around the cliff face of the house, and shortly after Kyia “Weasel” checked for (and found no) traps on the front doors. After Daphne remebers the party has a key, which Kyia “Weasel” uses to unlock both front doors.

Rodmere has the wonderful idea of pushing a key on the piano, which sends Valeros into a dance with a strange invisible woman, which only he can see. the piano eventually stops playing itself, realizing Valeros from his dance.

Rodmere finds a diseased rat in a worn-out washroom and outs it out of it’s misery, afterwards returning to the party. Exploring the next room, Kyia “Weasel” and Daphne notice what appears to be a invisible person pacing back and forth. Rodmere of course decides to muck about in it, experiences the memories of a woman, whispering to him the name ‘Lorey’ and making him perceive for a moment that the house was on fire. Moving on to the dining room, the party discovers several strange stain glass windows depicting strange monsters. Valeros and Rodmere make quick work to smashing said windows.

moving on to the next room, Valeros is strangled by a mysterious scarf, seeing the image of (insert guy we are looking for) strangling him. Malachi looks over a statue in the fireplace of a butterfly-winged angel, covered in flesh and skull bits, as if it had been used to bludgeon someone with. Valeros then moves onto an open book, discovering it as a ’who’s who’ of Magnimar, open to the Foxworthy family.

the party moves onto the entrance hall, covered in game trophies, bears, stag and such. In the middle sits a large, stuffed Manticore.

Rodmere find a mummified monkey head with a rope and bell, which makes loud monkey noises. He pulls it off the wall and sticks it into his bag

Game 18
They Even Ate The Dog!

Thursday at wendells

The party went to Hambley Farm and encountered several ghouls. They also found several people that had been infected with ghoul fever but not completely turned. Those people were rescued via three scrolls of cure disease that Abstalar Zantus gave to Daphne before setting out. Several of the ghouls and all of the survivors were dressed up like scarecrows and hung in the fields. The ghouls broke free and attacked once the party got in range.

At the farm house, they encountered a pack of ghouls and their ghoul leader, all of whom they slew.
Inside the farmhouse, they found another dead body with the 7 pointed star carved in its chest. This body has been dead longer than the bodies found at the sawmill the previous week. With this body were three more notes, written in the same hand as the notes found at the saw mill, addressed to the same people.

To Daphne: “Take the fever into you my love. It will be the first of my gifts to you.”
To Valeros and Rodmere: “I fear you. I hate you. You must fear and hate me as well You may unmask me, so I must unmask you first.”
To Kyia “Weasel”, Malachi, Gorge: “You, and you alone, have brought this fearful harvest. They are dead because of you, and more shall join them soon.”

Game 17
Vacation is over

It has been three months since the party returned to Sandpoint with Adlar as their prisoner. The caravan to take him to Blackwater Prison is expected to arrive next week. The party has thus spent their time spending their well earned adventure money on gear, goods and various services

while out at their favored bar Belor Hemlock approached the party, and upon taking them to his office, informed them of a recent murder. Soon after, he hands members of the party parchments specified to them, written in blood. One to Daphne, one to Valeros and Rodmere, and one to Kyia “Weasel”, Malachi and Gorge.

the murder in question was of one, Katarina Vinder and one Banny Harker. The Party decides to head to the scene of the crime. a quick look around uncovers that the mill was indeed working last night, the night of the murder. more deduction uncovers that there was an obvious struggle.

Banny’s body is horribly mutilated. he is hung from machinery hooks, his face is torn off, as well has his lower jaw. his bare chest is also carved with a 7 point rune. The rest of his body is covered in 5-slash claw marks, that smell of rotten meat.

Katarina was killed instantly, as she was pushed and split in two by the log-splitter

there is also a hand axe imbedded into the floor next to the log-splitter, covered in bloody fingerprints. the head of the axe has remains of flesh and bone on it and smells profusely of rotting meat. Daphne resists the urge to vomit

Kyia spots muddy footprints that come out of the river into the mill. Valeros notes that the figure was barefoot and the tracks lead to the upper window via climbing up the wall. The tracks lead both ways

upon takng a closer look at the tracks, Kyia “Weasel” points out a good hiding spot across the river into a marsh, which the party investigates. several sets of the same, barefooted, smelly tracks are seen in the area, sujesting that the murderer had been watching the mill

after a while, Abstalar Zantus arrives to point out that this may have been the work of a ghoul or a ghast. Abstalar Zantus then points out that Banny’s body look similar to several other bodies, marked with the same 7-piont rune.

Abstalar Zantus informs the party of another two similar killings of con-men. the lone survivor, who is insane, Grayst Sevilla resides in a sanatorium.

the party questions Belor Hemlock on the miller’s partner, Ivor Thorn, which reveals nothing of consequence. Unstatsifed, the party them moves onto Ivor themselves. Ivor reviles that Banny had been cooking the books and that they dint own the mill, Scarnetti family did. Conversation amongst the party brings up the fact that the Scarnetti’s are indeed a crime family.

the party moves on to questioning Katarina’s father, who was half-hysterical at the loss of his daughter. He alibi’s out.

Kyia “Weasel” notes and points out that the handwriting of the personal notes, and the note received by the dead con-men are the same. leading back to the possibility, as Valeros pointed out, that said notes are some attempt to convince the party to ‘join the pack’ (thought to be possible gang.

the Party moves on to the sanatorium to question the surviving con-man, Grayst Sevilla. upon reahcing his cell, the party finds him in the midst of ghoul fever. He raves on and on about teeth too long, razors and the skinsaw-man. He then goes on to tell each part member a message from ‘his Lordship’. immediately after, Grayst lunges for Daphne, who along with Valeros promptly killed him. the Doctor was displeased.

Valeros notes to Belor Hemlock that there may be an undead problem in Foxglove manor.

Game 16 - Epilogue
Giving it a rest

You returned to Sandpoint with Adlar as your prisoner. News that the other two robbers were killed came as a big relief to town and they rewarded you handsomely (3000 gp each)for your accomplishment both in dealing with the robbers and for defeating Thelsikar.

While you were gone, Gnuckles attempted to escape again. He was killed by Belor Hemlock before he ever made it out of his cell.

Adlar proved much more cooperative. He was gagged, bound and put into his cell. Because Sandpoint is a technically part of Magnimar, it was decided that Adlar would be transferred to Blackwater Prison, located in the city of Magnimar. Three times a year, an official caravan arrives to perform official business. The next caravan is due to arrive in the fall.

Gnarl went back to the Mosswood Forest. He occasionally visits nearby farmers, who have come to trust him and appreciate his help.

The next several weeks pass by uneventfully. It is now late fall. Harvest time has passed and this year’s crop has been above average. The caravan is due to arrive in about a week.
It runs a circuit and Sandpoint is it’s last official stop before returning to Magnimar.

Magic Items available for sale

There is a 75% chance that any item worth 1000 gp or less is available for sale.

Additionally, the following individual items are available:
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (4500gp)
wondrous item stone of alarm (2700gp)
wondrous item necklace of fireballs type IV (5400gp)
2 Shortbow (8330gp)
wondrous item bag of holding type 2 (5000gp)
Wand of Shatter (4500gp)
Monk’s Robes (13000gp)

Game 16
Wanted Dead and/or Alive

Thursday at Wendell’s (Wendell, Tony, Brad, Ernie, Greg and Hannah)

Having refused the offer of simply taking back the stolen jewels and leaving, the party decided to face the supposed member(s) of team thug and their dozen or so goblins in combat, in order to capture them and return them to town, dead and/or alive.

as the battle ensued, it was discovered that the dozen goblins where in fact and illusion, just in time for the back four members of the party to be hit with a web spell. Shalelu and Malachi where trapped while Daphne and Kyia “Weasel” managed to avoid and move out of the webbed area. the location of the mage-type was then reveled to be just off to the side in the woods. Gorge attempted to attack the mage-type when he was intercepted by an Orc fighter. Shelalu and Malaci eventually made their way out of the webs.

Rodmere charged strait through the illusion and up to the first supposed member of team thug standing on top of the wagon, who proceeded to “give tony his best shot”.

soon after, both the mage-type and the orc fighter where slain by one of Valeros’s famous cleave attacks.

the remaining member of team thug drank what was apparently a potion of invisibility and vansihed, but still the party attempted to find and kill him. Gorge was fortunate enough to land a hit. Valeros ran and dove under the cart, making it to Gorge, just in time for another orc fighter to appear.

most of the party took quickly to fighting the other orc, and the invisible fighter. Meanwhile Kyia looted the mage-type’s body and discovered several potions and scrolls

while fighiting the invisible fighter (and eventually killing the orc) a werewolf suddenly appears to attack Rodmere and Valeros. Not long after, Amekio shows up to tell the party, while fighting, to not kill everyone so they can take them back and have said members of team thug answer for their crimes and such. AS soon as she began to bind up the fallen member’s wounds, Kyia senses an invisible figure move close to her, which she swings at and discovers another orc fighter.

Daphine then shouts “that’s not her!” and ‘Ameiko’ promptly picks up the body of the mage-type and books it. (greg’s monk) promptly uses his monk skills and tackles ‘Amekio’, knocking her to the ground and causing her to drop the body, which rolls off into the woods.

Kyia joins the ‘hit the orc’ party and promptly flanks and hits the orc with her rapier

meanwhile, ‘Ameiko’ and (greg’s monk) continue to grapple on the ground, eventually (greg’s monk) pins ‘Ameiko’ to the ground

Malaci then gives the orc a ‘very shocking hug’ and it takes a wonderful little nap

meanwhile ‘Ameiko’, now presumed to be a doppleganger has taken the form of (greg’s monk). Daphine points out which of the two is the supposed doppleganger, which Valeros promptly slays

after the battles, the bodies are then tied up and brought back to sandpoint for questioning

Loot acquired:
scrolls of,
alter self
burning hands
expeditious retreat
hypnotic pattern
summon monster II

3 potions of invisibility
6 potions of alter self

Game 15
Something is amiss

(Written after the fact by Tom)
Wendell, Ernie, Brad, Hannah

The party, along with Shalelu, tracked Gnarl from his camp and eventually encountered a group of passed out citizens from Sandpoint. The mob claimed the ran off the gnoll, then partied too hard and passed out. After a bitch slap and a stern lecture, the party followed Gnarl’s tracks as he encountered another group (that he seemed to follow) and then an abandoned merchant camp.

In the camp, they encountered a very confused and seemingly charmed Carlene Olson. She claimed to work for a man named Jeb Smyth, whom they think is really a member of Team Thug. According to her, Jeb arrived with his friends in the middle of the night with a new man she did not recognize. They spoke in a strange language she did not understand, but apparently told the man to wait in Jeb’s tent until he got back. They then left. Not long after they left, the strange man left on his own in the opposite direction. A few hours later, a nasty gnoll and his vicious dog arrived, sniffed the camp and then followed the strange man’s tracks.

Two sets of tracks left the camp. One was obviously Gnarl following Gnuckles and the other seemed to the other “merchants.” The party decided to follow Gnarl and Gnuckles. After a few hours, they heard a loud clap of thunder and then found Gnarl dragging Gnuckles back towards the direction of Sandpoint. {Gnarl]] turned Gnuckles over to the party, whom then dragged him back to town.

While they were gone, Team Thug went back to town and robbed a jewelry store, disguised as Gnarl and Carlene Olson, injuring several people in the process.

After regrouping, they set out after the robbers, who had left town in hot pursuit. They eventually tracked them back to the abandoned merchant camp and then onward down a trail.

As they were catching up to them, the found a bag of jewels with a note that read “There is no longer any profit in this.” Not convinced to end the pursuit, the party continued on. They ran into merchant’s wagon, turned sideways in the road, with on member of Team Thug standing on top behind a dozen or so goblins. He tried to persuade the party to end the chase but they refused.

Game 14
Back to the Point

(Notes were added later by Tom)
Wendell, Brad, Hannah

The party returned to Sandpoint with Gnuckles, as a prisoner, and Gnarl, as a companion. They were stopped at the gate by the guards, who wanted to confer with Belor Hemlock before they let the gnolls in the city. While they were waiting, Ameiko Kaijitsu and Shalelu arrived. Shalelu hates gnolls and wanted to kill the two on site. She apparently had a past encounter with Gnarl and consider him less of a threat. Shalelu and the party talked her down.

Belor Hemlock and Abstalar Zantus arrived and while the sheriff was more than willing to kill Gnuckles right then, Abstalar convinced him to imprison him and have a trial the next day. He was carted off to jail.

Gnarl stayed with Valeros for safety reasons. They went to Rusty Dragon and received a very unfriendly welcome though violence was avoided.

The party went to sleep. Gnarl decided to camp outside the city in the woods nearby.

They were wakened the next morning by the alarm bell. During the night, two people appearing to be Gnarl and Shalelu broke Gnuckles out of jail, severely injuring Torkamata in the process. They used the same arrows that Shalelu uses.

The party went to find Gnarl and found a camp that had been abandoned.

Game 13
Daddy Issues

Thursday 5/23/13

The party arrives at the Ghent farm only to be told that something is wrong with father.

Attending: Tom, Wendell, Brad, Ernie, Greg

  • We arrived at the farm to be greeted by the kids saying something was wrong with father. He is unconscious and cold. They said they found him in the kitchen.
  • Daphne was able to detect poison.
  • We asked Gnarl to take a look and he was able to recognize the poison. He cast slow poison and said he could memorize the spell to heal him the next morning.
  • We searched the house and discovered the poison was made in the kitchen. After questioning the Mom, we figured that Farmer Ghent made it himself. Everyone said he was acting weird after he want down in the well to investigate something that the bucket kept getting hung up on.
  • We lowered a light down into the well and found a hole just big enough to be crawled into. Since it was dusk, we decided set guards and wait until morning.
  • At dawn, Gnarl came out acting strangely. He said he couldn’t memorize the spell. We could tell he was not telling the truth. When we pressed him on this he got all evil and then disappeared. The Hyena found him in the house basement, where Gnarl promptly lightening bolted it. Greg went down in the basement and Gnarl disappeared again.
  • Greg and the Hyena thought something wasn’t right in the basement. Valeros went looking for a lamp to take into the basement. Daphne went to the barn to have Tony secure the prisoner. Ernie was checking the well. An unnatural shadow was discovered in the basement and noises are coming from the well. Greg went up to get the “magic” people.
  • After getting more light in the basement we could tell it was a shadow of a bipedal curled in a fetal position. Daphne could detect some serious evil.
  • The Hyena went out and started barking down the well. Greg climbed down the rope of the well and found Gnarl, who promptly cast web at him. Being a monk, that was apparently pointless. Greg pulled some acrobatics, attacked and stunned him.
  • Meanwhile, back in the basement, Valeros decided to “attack the darkness” and amazingly managed to hit it. The shadow stands up and takes a demonic shadow shape, complete with wings.
  • Back in the well, Greg notices that Gnarl now looks confused and asked him if he was okay. He seemed to be and was wondering where he was. He was holding a previously unseen jeweled pendant. Greg explained and Gnarl said we must find and kill it. Greg tells Gnarl about the shadow and they climb out.
  • In the basement, Ernie is having some trouble getting any magic to work against it. Daphne cast spiritual hammer and failed to hit it. Ernie cast hypnotic pattern, beat its magic resistance but it saved. Valeros hit again. Daphne and Valeros were “shaken” by the demon.
  • Gnarl went into the house saying he needed to “save this human”. Greg went down into the basement. The demon recognized from when he was possessing Gnarl. However, since Valeros has been beating on it, the demon did a claw, claw, bite and almost took him down. Valeros hit back and then stepped back to Daphne for some healing. She obliged.
  • Greg took over the attack front and did some damage. The Demon did a disappearing act again and ended up in the room with the family and Gnarl. Valeros ran back upstairs and couldn’t get in. The Demon says “withdraw or I kill them all”. Valeros reached in and grabbed the nearest twin and pulled her out of the room. Daphne, ran outside and opened the window. Gnarl pulled out the “Begone foul one!” and cast a sun-like spell. While the demon was cowering. Greg pulled out another twin from the room. Then the demon “gave up the ghost” and fled. Gnarl went down the well and sealed the hole.
  • Gnarl gave care instructions to Mama Ghent and we headed off to town with Gnarl and the gnoll prisoner.
Game 12
Gnarly Issues

During the journey the PC’s reflect about the stash they recovered from the Troll lair the previous week.

The PC’s take their gnoll prisoner to see Gnarl, the gnoll druid they encountered the previous week.

Attending this week: Tom, Wendell, Brad, Ernie, Tony, Greg

  • Daphne noticed buzzards circling right in front of the forest.
  • When we got there, we found Gnarl‘s Hyena pinned to the ground with spear in it’s leg.
  • The captured gnoll thought that was funny.
  • We freed the Hyena and healed it some.
  • started looking around and pointed to a spot on the ground that appeared to be battle with a bunch of tracks going off to the east.
  • We tell the Hyena to find Gnarl and he starts down the tracks. We figure that Gnarl has been captured. We heal up the Hyena some more figuring we could use its help and keep on going.
  • We ran down a Gnoll party on the plains. They lined up for battle and then came out under a flag of truce. They asked what we wanted. We said Gnarl was our friend. They said he was a prisoner for murder. We basically said so what and battle ensued.
  • Short Story… We won. No real loot, just 12 gold pieces. We freed Gnarl and he was both grateful and puzzled. We took Gnarl back to our prisoner and filled him. Our prisoner turned out to be is old pack’s inquisitor.
  • We decided to take the prisoner back for trial. Gnarl couldn’t stay where he was and asked if he could go with us. We said we were OK with trying but couldn’t guarantee his reception. We decided to head back to Farmer Ghent’s place to spend the night. Tony and Valeros rode ahead to warn about the Gnolls coming with use. The twins ran out glad to see as something was wrong with Farmer Ghent.
  • Frying pan… meet fire.

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