Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 12

Gnarly Issues

During the journey the PC’s reflect about the stash they recovered from the Troll lair the previous week.

The PC’s take their gnoll prisoner to see Gnarl, the gnoll druid they encountered the previous week.

Attending this week: Tom, Wendell, Brad, Ernie, Tony, Greg

  • Daphne noticed buzzards circling right in front of the forest.
  • When we got there, we found Gnarl‘s Hyena pinned to the ground with spear in it’s leg.
  • The captured gnoll thought that was funny.
  • We freed the Hyena and healed it some.
  • started looking around and pointed to a spot on the ground that appeared to be battle with a bunch of tracks going off to the east.
  • We tell the Hyena to find Gnarl and he starts down the tracks. We figure that Gnarl has been captured. We heal up the Hyena some more figuring we could use its help and keep on going.
  • We ran down a Gnoll party on the plains. They lined up for battle and then came out under a flag of truce. They asked what we wanted. We said Gnarl was our friend. They said he was a prisoner for murder. We basically said so what and battle ensued.
  • Short Story… We won. No real loot, just 12 gold pieces. We freed Gnarl and he was both grateful and puzzled. We took Gnarl back to our prisoner and filled him. Our prisoner turned out to be is old pack’s inquisitor.
  • We decided to take the prisoner back for trial. Gnarl couldn’t stay where he was and asked if he could go with us. We said we were OK with trying but couldn’t guarantee his reception. We decided to head back to Farmer Ghent’s place to spend the night. Tony and Valeros rode ahead to warn about the Gnolls coming with use. The twins ran out glad to see as something was wrong with Farmer Ghent.
  • Frying pan… meet fire.


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