Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 13

Daddy Issues

Thursday 5/23/13

The party arrives at the Ghent farm only to be told that something is wrong with father.

Attending: Tom, Wendell, Brad, Ernie, Greg

  • We arrived at the farm to be greeted by the kids saying something was wrong with father. He is unconscious and cold. They said they found him in the kitchen.
  • Daphne was able to detect poison.
  • We asked Gnarl to take a look and he was able to recognize the poison. He cast slow poison and said he could memorize the spell to heal him the next morning.
  • We searched the house and discovered the poison was made in the kitchen. After questioning the Mom, we figured that Farmer Ghent made it himself. Everyone said he was acting weird after he want down in the well to investigate something that the bucket kept getting hung up on.
  • We lowered a light down into the well and found a hole just big enough to be crawled into. Since it was dusk, we decided set guards and wait until morning.
  • At dawn, Gnarl came out acting strangely. He said he couldn’t memorize the spell. We could tell he was not telling the truth. When we pressed him on this he got all evil and then disappeared. The Hyena found him in the house basement, where Gnarl promptly lightening bolted it. Greg went down in the basement and Gnarl disappeared again.
  • Greg and the Hyena thought something wasn’t right in the basement. Valeros went looking for a lamp to take into the basement. Daphne went to the barn to have Tony secure the prisoner. Ernie was checking the well. An unnatural shadow was discovered in the basement and noises are coming from the well. Greg went up to get the “magic” people.
  • After getting more light in the basement we could tell it was a shadow of a bipedal curled in a fetal position. Daphne could detect some serious evil.
  • The Hyena went out and started barking down the well. Greg climbed down the rope of the well and found Gnarl, who promptly cast web at him. Being a monk, that was apparently pointless. Greg pulled some acrobatics, attacked and stunned him.
  • Meanwhile, back in the basement, Valeros decided to “attack the darkness” and amazingly managed to hit it. The shadow stands up and takes a demonic shadow shape, complete with wings.
  • Back in the well, Greg notices that Gnarl now looks confused and asked him if he was okay. He seemed to be and was wondering where he was. He was holding a previously unseen jeweled pendant. Greg explained and Gnarl said we must find and kill it. Greg tells Gnarl about the shadow and they climb out.
  • In the basement, Ernie is having some trouble getting any magic to work against it. Daphne cast spiritual hammer and failed to hit it. Ernie cast hypnotic pattern, beat its magic resistance but it saved. Valeros hit again. Daphne and Valeros were “shaken” by the demon.
  • Gnarl went into the house saying he needed to “save this human”. Greg went down into the basement. The demon recognized from when he was possessing Gnarl. However, since Valeros has been beating on it, the demon did a claw, claw, bite and almost took him down. Valeros hit back and then stepped back to Daphne for some healing. She obliged.
  • Greg took over the attack front and did some damage. The Demon did a disappearing act again and ended up in the room with the family and Gnarl. Valeros ran back upstairs and couldn’t get in. The Demon says “withdraw or I kill them all”. Valeros reached in and grabbed the nearest twin and pulled her out of the room. Daphne, ran outside and opened the window. Gnarl pulled out the “Begone foul one!” and cast a sun-like spell. While the demon was cowering. Greg pulled out another twin from the room. Then the demon “gave up the ghost” and fled. Gnarl went down the well and sealed the hole.
  • Gnarl gave care instructions to Mama Ghent and we headed off to town with Gnarl and the gnoll prisoner.


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