Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 14

Back to the Point

(Notes were added later by Tom)
Wendell, Brad, Hannah

The party returned to Sandpoint with Gnuckles, as a prisoner, and Gnarl, as a companion. They were stopped at the gate by the guards, who wanted to confer with Belor Hemlock before they let the gnolls in the city. While they were waiting, Ameiko Kaijitsu and Shalelu arrived. Shalelu hates gnolls and wanted to kill the two on site. She apparently had a past encounter with Gnarl and consider him less of a threat. Shalelu and the party talked her down.

Belor Hemlock and Abstalar Zantus arrived and while the sheriff was more than willing to kill Gnuckles right then, Abstalar convinced him to imprison him and have a trial the next day. He was carted off to jail.

Gnarl stayed with Valeros for safety reasons. They went to Rusty Dragon and received a very unfriendly welcome though violence was avoided.

The party went to sleep. Gnarl decided to camp outside the city in the woods nearby.

They were wakened the next morning by the alarm bell. During the night, two people appearing to be Gnarl and Shalelu broke Gnuckles out of jail, severely injuring Torkamata in the process. They used the same arrows that Shalelu uses.

The party went to find Gnarl and found a camp that had been abandoned.


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