Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 15

Something is amiss

(Written after the fact by Tom)
Wendell, Ernie, Brad, Hannah

The party, along with Shalelu, tracked Gnarl from his camp and eventually encountered a group of passed out citizens from Sandpoint. The mob claimed the ran off the gnoll, then partied too hard and passed out. After a bitch slap and a stern lecture, the party followed Gnarl’s tracks as he encountered another group (that he seemed to follow) and then an abandoned merchant camp.

In the camp, they encountered a very confused and seemingly charmed Carlene Olson. She claimed to work for a man named Jeb Smyth, whom they think is really a member of Team Thug. According to her, Jeb arrived with his friends in the middle of the night with a new man she did not recognize. They spoke in a strange language she did not understand, but apparently told the man to wait in Jeb’s tent until he got back. They then left. Not long after they left, the strange man left on his own in the opposite direction. A few hours later, a nasty gnoll and his vicious dog arrived, sniffed the camp and then followed the strange man’s tracks.

Two sets of tracks left the camp. One was obviously Gnarl following Gnuckles and the other seemed to the other “merchants.” The party decided to follow Gnarl and Gnuckles. After a few hours, they heard a loud clap of thunder and then found Gnarl dragging Gnuckles back towards the direction of Sandpoint. {Gnarl]] turned Gnuckles over to the party, whom then dragged him back to town.

While they were gone, Team Thug went back to town and robbed a jewelry store, disguised as Gnarl and Carlene Olson, injuring several people in the process.

After regrouping, they set out after the robbers, who had left town in hot pursuit. They eventually tracked them back to the abandoned merchant camp and then onward down a trail.

As they were catching up to them, the found a bag of jewels with a note that read “There is no longer any profit in this.” Not convinced to end the pursuit, the party continued on. They ran into merchant’s wagon, turned sideways in the road, with on member of Team Thug standing on top behind a dozen or so goblins. He tried to persuade the party to end the chase but they refused.


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