Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 16

Wanted Dead and/or Alive

Thursday at Wendell’s (Wendell, Tony, Brad, Ernie, Greg and Hannah)

Having refused the offer of simply taking back the stolen jewels and leaving, the party decided to face the supposed member(s) of team thug and their dozen or so goblins in combat, in order to capture them and return them to town, dead and/or alive.

as the battle ensued, it was discovered that the dozen goblins where in fact and illusion, just in time for the back four members of the party to be hit with a web spell. Shalelu and Malachi where trapped while Daphne and Kyia “Weasel” managed to avoid and move out of the webbed area. the location of the mage-type was then reveled to be just off to the side in the woods. Gorge attempted to attack the mage-type when he was intercepted by an Orc fighter. Shelalu and Malaci eventually made their way out of the webs.

Rodmere charged strait through the illusion and up to the first supposed member of team thug standing on top of the wagon, who proceeded to “give tony his best shot”.

soon after, both the mage-type and the orc fighter where slain by one of Valeros’s famous cleave attacks.

the remaining member of team thug drank what was apparently a potion of invisibility and vansihed, but still the party attempted to find and kill him. Gorge was fortunate enough to land a hit. Valeros ran and dove under the cart, making it to Gorge, just in time for another orc fighter to appear.

most of the party took quickly to fighting the other orc, and the invisible fighter. Meanwhile Kyia looted the mage-type’s body and discovered several potions and scrolls

while fighiting the invisible fighter (and eventually killing the orc) a werewolf suddenly appears to attack Rodmere and Valeros. Not long after, Amekio shows up to tell the party, while fighting, to not kill everyone so they can take them back and have said members of team thug answer for their crimes and such. AS soon as she began to bind up the fallen member’s wounds, Kyia senses an invisible figure move close to her, which she swings at and discovers another orc fighter.

Daphine then shouts “that’s not her!” and ‘Ameiko’ promptly picks up the body of the mage-type and books it. (greg’s monk) promptly uses his monk skills and tackles ‘Amekio’, knocking her to the ground and causing her to drop the body, which rolls off into the woods.

Kyia joins the ‘hit the orc’ party and promptly flanks and hits the orc with her rapier

meanwhile, ‘Ameiko’ and (greg’s monk) continue to grapple on the ground, eventually (greg’s monk) pins ‘Ameiko’ to the ground

Malaci then gives the orc a ‘very shocking hug’ and it takes a wonderful little nap

meanwhile ‘Ameiko’, now presumed to be a doppleganger has taken the form of (greg’s monk). Daphine points out which of the two is the supposed doppleganger, which Valeros promptly slays

after the battles, the bodies are then tied up and brought back to sandpoint for questioning

Loot acquired:
scrolls of,
alter self
burning hands
expeditious retreat
hypnotic pattern
summon monster II

3 potions of invisibility
6 potions of alter self


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