Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 16 - Epilogue

Giving it a rest

You returned to Sandpoint with Adlar as your prisoner. News that the other two robbers were killed came as a big relief to town and they rewarded you handsomely (3000 gp each)for your accomplishment both in dealing with the robbers and for defeating Thelsikar.

While you were gone, Gnuckles attempted to escape again. He was killed by Belor Hemlock before he ever made it out of his cell.

Adlar proved much more cooperative. He was gagged, bound and put into his cell. Because Sandpoint is a technically part of Magnimar, it was decided that Adlar would be transferred to Blackwater Prison, located in the city of Magnimar. Three times a year, an official caravan arrives to perform official business. The next caravan is due to arrive in the fall.

Gnarl went back to the Mosswood Forest. He occasionally visits nearby farmers, who have come to trust him and appreciate his help.

The next several weeks pass by uneventfully. It is now late fall. Harvest time has passed and this year’s crop has been above average. The caravan is due to arrive in about a week.
It runs a circuit and Sandpoint is it’s last official stop before returning to Magnimar.

Magic Items available for sale

There is a 75% chance that any item worth 1000 gp or less is available for sale.

Additionally, the following individual items are available:
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (4500gp)
wondrous item stone of alarm (2700gp)
wondrous item necklace of fireballs type IV (5400gp)
2 Shortbow (8330gp)
wondrous item bag of holding type 2 (5000gp)
Wand of Shatter (4500gp)
Monk’s Robes (13000gp)


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