Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 17

Vacation is over

It has been three months since the party returned to Sandpoint with Adlar as their prisoner. The caravan to take him to Blackwater Prison is expected to arrive next week. The party has thus spent their time spending their well earned adventure money on gear, goods and various services

while out at their favored bar Belor Hemlock approached the party, and upon taking them to his office, informed them of a recent murder. Soon after, he hands members of the party parchments specified to them, written in blood. One to Daphne, one to Valeros and Rodmere, and one to Kyia “Weasel”, Malachi and Gorge.

the murder in question was of one, Katarina Vinder and one Banny Harker. The Party decides to head to the scene of the crime. a quick look around uncovers that the mill was indeed working last night, the night of the murder. more deduction uncovers that there was an obvious struggle.

Banny’s body is horribly mutilated. he is hung from machinery hooks, his face is torn off, as well has his lower jaw. his bare chest is also carved with a 7 point rune. The rest of his body is covered in 5-slash claw marks, that smell of rotten meat.

Katarina was killed instantly, as she was pushed and split in two by the log-splitter

there is also a hand axe imbedded into the floor next to the log-splitter, covered in bloody fingerprints. the head of the axe has remains of flesh and bone on it and smells profusely of rotting meat. Daphne resists the urge to vomit

Kyia spots muddy footprints that come out of the river into the mill. Valeros notes that the figure was barefoot and the tracks lead to the upper window via climbing up the wall. The tracks lead both ways

upon takng a closer look at the tracks, Kyia “Weasel” points out a good hiding spot across the river into a marsh, which the party investigates. several sets of the same, barefooted, smelly tracks are seen in the area, sujesting that the murderer had been watching the mill

after a while, Abstalar Zantus arrives to point out that this may have been the work of a ghoul or a ghast. Abstalar Zantus then points out that Banny’s body look similar to several other bodies, marked with the same 7-piont rune.

Abstalar Zantus informs the party of another two similar killings of con-men. the lone survivor, who is insane, Grayst Sevilla resides in a sanatorium.

the party questions Belor Hemlock on the miller’s partner, Ivor Thorn, which reveals nothing of consequence. Unstatsifed, the party them moves onto Ivor themselves. Ivor reviles that Banny had been cooking the books and that they dint own the mill, Scarnetti family did. Conversation amongst the party brings up the fact that the Scarnetti’s are indeed a crime family.

the party moves on to questioning Katarina’s father, who was half-hysterical at the loss of his daughter. He alibi’s out.

Kyia “Weasel” notes and points out that the handwriting of the personal notes, and the note received by the dead con-men are the same. leading back to the possibility, as Valeros pointed out, that said notes are some attempt to convince the party to ‘join the pack’ (thought to be possible gang.

the Party moves on to the sanatorium to question the surviving con-man, Grayst Sevilla. upon reahcing his cell, the party finds him in the midst of ghoul fever. He raves on and on about teeth too long, razors and the skinsaw-man. He then goes on to tell each part member a message from ‘his Lordship’. immediately after, Grayst lunges for Daphne, who along with Valeros promptly killed him. the Doctor was displeased.

Valeros notes to Belor Hemlock that there may be an undead problem in Foxglove manor.


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