Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 11
Delivering The Cure

We examined the treasure from the Troll lair and found the following:

  • Masterwork Dagger
  • +1 nunchakus
  • 3 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • Masterwork Composite Longbow
  • 20 Masterwork Arrows.

The cure for Carlene Olson has arrived. It is up to you to go and administer it.

Attending: Brad, Kathy, Tom, Wendell, Ernie

  • On the way, we notice a couple of large birds, probably buzzards, circling down on the farm.
  • When we got there the place was empty. We found a dead gnoll in the cornfield. It was not the same gnoll as the one in the woods we met.
  • We found 3 trails that had been made through the corn field and through this spot. One that ran from the farm house, one that looked like a continuation of the trail from the path, and another that took off to the south. The trail from the house has all human like tracks. The trail to the south is a mix of tracks.
  • We followed the boot tracks and it ran from the house to a well. Bucket was full and on the ground. Supposition is that Carlene Olson went to the well, saw a party coming up. Took off back to the house. They intercepted her in the cornfield and a battle broke out in which the gnoll died.
  • We went back and picked up the other trail. We followed it at a high clip on our horses.
  • While following, we heard what we believe to be hyena laughter. We rode harder.
  • Ran into a party of hyenas and gnolls that looked like they had something cornered up a large tree. We dismounted and prepared for battle.
  • We wiped out the hyenas with minimal damage to ourselves. The gnolls started out to meet us but put up a mist around themselves. We went around it and engaged. Daphne rode on and got Carlene Olson. Valeros almost went down and took his healing potion.
  • We eventually killed them one gnoll and captured the other.
Game 11
X marks the spots

There were several places marked on Thelsikar’s map. The ones you recognized were places you went to over the course of the adventure. Three were places you did not recognize. You are going to go an investigate what they were.

Thursday at Wendell’s

Attendees: Tom, Wendell, Brad, Ernie

  • We decided to go to the one that takes us by Ghent’s farm. Any excuse to see the twins.
  • First we decided to arm up a little since we had money and stuff to trade. Daphne Traded the +1 plate for +1 Chain Mail and a +1 Chain Shirt for Valeros. Then Valeros spent 1,000 GP of his cut of the 10K for a +1 Shield. Ernie bought a wand of Color Spray for 750 GP of his cut. Daphne bought a Wand of Cure Light Wounds for 750 GP of her cut.
  • When we got to the farm and Ghent’s son Jerel said he saw a “big spooky dog” off to the east in the general direction we were heading. We hung out for lunch so that Valeros could spend some time with Jasmine. Then we went off to the east in search of said dog.
  • We spotted something in the tall grass and tried to approach it. Daphne and Ernie made enough noise to wake the dead and we spooked it. It ran off in the direction of the X on the map.
  • We followed its trail toward and into the wood. That’s when an apparent entangle spell went off and entangled our horses. A gnoll named Gnarl came out with a hyena. He encouraged us to leave his woods and never return. We finally talked some sense into it and agreed to leave the woods if he would take a look at the X on the map and tell us what it is. I said it was his home. After conversation we found out that Thesilkar came by to recruit him and the gnoll chased him off too. We secured and agreement that we would stay out of the woods if they would not bother the farmers. He agreed.
  • We returned to Ghent’s farm for dinner, rest and flirting with the twins. Next morning we went in search of the next X.
  • At approximately the next X location on the map, we ran into a Troll. Valeros beat on it while Ernie burned it. Daphne did some healing to keep Valeros from expiring. The Troll was dispatched. We found treasure (which Tom will fill in later).
  • We went back to Ghent’s farm for rest. After showing Ghent the map he said the next X is on a farm owned by the Smithic family. He said the keep to themselves but seem alright. We decided to walk to this one and leave the horses.
  • The next day we walk to the farm. Valeros notices from his past experience on the family farm that it didn’t look right. The farm appeared untended. Turned out that Carlene Olson was there. She tried to run but we convinced her to stop. She ended up here after her escape. She said, and the facts support it, that the farm was this way when she got here. Looks like Thesilkar may have killed everyone in the farm. We convinced her to wait here as the cure should arrive in a couple days. We would bring it to her.
  • We went back to Ghent’s farm to pick up horses and warn them to stay away from the other farm. From there we travel back to Sandpoint and report.
Game 10
The Final Showdown

Thursday at Wendell’s

Attending: Tom, Ernie, Greg, Tony, Hannah, Wendell

  • Set watch and… nothing happened.
  • Next morning, we are gathering our stuff when something knocked at the door. Turned out to be a skeleton with a note from Thelsikar. He said he would give us one chance to join him or he would come kill us. We killed the skeleton.
  • Then we remembered that the skeleton shouldn’t have been able to get up here. How did that happen? Of course, we could have given it a note and followed it back but we had already killed it.
  • Valeros roped the door and yanked it open. Nothing happened for a moment. The we heard Thesilkar say “that was unexpected”. He then asked us if the answer was no. Valeros then threw out one of the skeleton hands that only had the middle finger remaining.
  • Battle ensued. Daphne destroyed many skeletons. An ogre began beating on us. Thelsikar cast spells. Gorge amazingly stunned Thelsikar. The ogre took Valeros to 1 hit point. In a last desperate effort, Valeros managed to take out the ogre, after everyone else beat it down, and then used a cleave attack to take out Thelsikar.
  • Treasure was the dragon slayer sword, undead controlling artifact, Full Plate +1, Large Steel shield +1 and 10,000 GP.
  • Went out to the courtyard and ran into the dragon. He agreed to melt the artifact. We negotiated and let him melt the dragon slayer sword and he gave us a Longsword +2 in its place.
  • Went back to town and everyone was happy.
Game 9
Beneath Raven's Watch

Thursday at Wendell’s

Attending: Tom, Wendell, Hannah, Ernie, Brad, Kathy, Greg,

  • Rogue was unable to disable device on the door. Daphne detected magic and Kathy figured out it was a divine abjuration spell. Kyia was nominated to attempt to disable the trap….. FAIL! WUUUUMPH Sound Wave damage. But luck would have it that the gem she so single mindedly obtained absorbed a fair amount of damage.
  • Kyia listened at the door and heard people coming. She dove away and everybody but Gorge hid. A party came out and questioned Gorge. He lied and said he was lost. This was obviously the group that went with Thelsikar to loot the temple where the Swampknot clan and Blackfang lived – a.k.a. Team Thug. They told him to go to Sandpoint. [Gorge pretended to leave.
  • That party started out discussing where to go look for the dragon. Valeros popped up and got the drop on them. He told them the dragon wasn’t around. Team Thug seemed to decide this wasn’t worth the pay and hightailed it out of there. We let them go.
  • Kyia managed to unlock the door. We opened it and started down. Gorge took point. He saw three skeletons at the bottom of the stairs. The tattered robes on the skeleton looks like he could have been from the monastery where Gorge trained.
  • Battle ensues. We win. Daphne heals everybody.
  • Skeletons facing cranks on wall in next room. Platform in floor is obvious elevator. Bell rings and they start cranking elevator down. We go in and kill off skeletons. We look down and single skeleton is part way up. We crank it up. It ignores us and starts walking toward door. We kill it.
  • We check out door and it was an office. Map with various landmarks found. Another door in office.
  • Door number two has magic on it. Kathy used Knock spell to open door. WUUMPH But we were too far away to get hurt. Door went into a bedroom. Room look lived. Odd since skeletons don’t sleep.
  • Found secret door. Kyia Kyia tried to disable the trapped secret door but didn’t set it off.
  • Tried door on other side of elevator room. Found empty cells.
  • Went back to secret door. Kyia set off trap but didn’t get hurt. Hallway behind it with another trapped door. Same thing. Secret room at end. Pedestal with residual magic and a chest. Chest had thousands of gold coins, wand of hypnotic pattern and lightning bolt scroll.
  • Bell rings and we crank up another skeleton. It looked up and rang what appeared to be an alarm signal.
  • We put elevator on bottom level and then began climbing down level by level. Didn’t find anything but empty cell levels until we got to the bottom. We can see a light at the bottom.
  • A voice calls up “Are you guys coming down?”. After conversation we determine it is Thelsikar and we decide to go back up and rest. We crank elevator back to top and wedge it. We go into office to rest.
Game 8
After the beginning

Attending: Brad, Tom, Ernie, Tony,

  • We left on the way to the prison. On the road there, we ran into the dragon, Blackfang. He had just finished a meal of goblins. He said they were waiting to ambush somebody and we all assumed it was us. That made us even. We told him the Thelsikar story and he said that Thelsikar was probably looking for a dragon slayer sword. The dragon said he had told off Thelsikar and was through with the whole thing.
  • We continued down the path and came across some statues. Which, of course, promptly attacked us. Battle ensued. Statues were defeated. Daphne healed everyone. Now Kyia is now also freaked out by statues.
  • We continued to Raven’s Watch. Walls and towers in ruin so we waltzed in. There are statues here too. Some were fallen over and the rest were not. Kyia would not go scout and promptly earned the nickname “Dr. Smith”.
  • As we wandered in heading to the main building, skeletons popped up on the tower and started shooting at us. Gorge killed one. Ernie cast flaming sphere and took out most of them. Gorge mopped up.
Game 7
Finally reaching the beginning

3/7/13 at Wendell’s

  • Attending: Brad, Greg, Hannah, Wendell, Ernie and Kathy came late.
  • Told two goblins, Gutwad and Mogmurch we wanted to go through lair to the other side. The said they would take us to their leader.
  • Ran into a well of the goddess Desna. We all through a coin in the Fountain and drank the water. We got some help: bq). Valeros got Luckier for the adventure; Daphne got luckier for the adventure; Kyia got Harder to hit for the adventure; Ernie got Luckier for the Adventure; Glaustir got harder to hit for the adventure; Kathy got more effective for the adventure.
  • The Goblin leader didn’t want to let us through but needed a favor. He wanted us to go find his “idiot sister” who went into a section of the temple that most goblins never return from. His sister had a “toy” of a wooden dragon that he claims has sentimental value. He wants the toy and sister back, or the toy and proof of sister’s death. We agreed.
  • The unbar the door and we go through. We immediately see an alter with a glowing red gem on it.
  • We enter the room and a voice says “Enter with humility and live”. Daphne approached and got fried for 17 points of fire damage. Ernie noticed that the flames were waist high and only an inch thick. Glaustir pulled the “Penitent Man” trick and crawled up to heal Daphne.
  • Everyone but Kyia crawled through the room into the next. There we ran into giant spiders; just like the ones in the forest. Battle ensued.
  • Rodmere killed one and stepped forward into the room so that some more of us could get in. With time, battle ended. Found a chest and female goblin body in the room. Chest had pouch with 14 gold pieces, Wooden Dragon Toy and a Wand of magic missiles with 4 charges.
  • Took body and Dragon toy back to goblin leader. Did not tell him about wand and gold.
  • Deal was secured and they showed us the entrance. It was a 20ft rock ledge. Valeros tried to climb and failed. Kyia threw up a grappling hook and went up. Daphne threw up a light spell on a coin and that is when Kyia saw the bunch of skeletons. Reinforcements began to climb up.
  • Daphne got to the top and set off a skeleton bomb and destroyed them all.
  • Valeros used a board and barrel to create a lever and had two people jump on it to tumble up to the ledge. Since the skeletons were already dead it wasn’t nearly as impressive.
  • We found the dragon and told him what we knew. He didn’t believe us at first. Then we had a plot remembrance about the other party that tried to get in and didn’t. We told the dragon this story and then he thought it might be true. The dragon thought that Thelsikar was doing stuff for him but he now wasn’t sure. He brought in the Goblins and berated them for losing their “Dragon Token”. He threatened them and then sent them off. He went to have a “talk” with Thelsikar. We left, glad to still be alive.
  • Now he wanted us to try and figure out where all the undead are coming from. We told him the direction the dragon flew off in and he figured that they were in the old prison, Raven’s Watch. We are going to investigate.
Game 6

Week of 2/28 at Wendell’s

  • Attending: Tom, Hannah, Ernie, Wendell and Brad.
  • Talked to and irritated the manticore. It hit Valeros with a spike for being a smart ass. He totally deserved it.
  • We never ran into the people we were looking for.
  • Asked the manticore what it wanted for the rocks and it wanted gold.
  • We left and upon exiting the cave we ran into what appeared to beAbstalar Zantus. He gave us gold and said he needed 3 rocks.
  • We went back and negotiated to get the three stones.
  • When we came back out, Abstalar Zantus and his guards were still there and they shouldn’t have been. We all got suspicious. Valeros Was sure it wasn’t him. We told the fake Abstalar that we didn’t get it and would have to go back. They said they were going back to town.
  • We went back and got our horses. Followed them. They detoured into the swamp. We went on to Sandpoint.
  • On the way we saw Thelsikar riding a black dragon way up in the sky.
  • When we got there, the town had been under a big attack. Abstalar Zantus was critically wounded and they shuffled Daphne in there to do the healing thing.
  • We went through the ingredients list and found out that he needed a Dragon Heart. We figured that the dragon probably didn’t know and that we really needed to just tell it.
  • Shalelu told us where the lair was and that we could get to it through the goblin lair in the swamp. The lair belonged to the Swampknot clan.
  • We got to the lair in the old temple and ran into the two goblin survivors from our first encounter at Errol Tarpia‘s farm. They agreed to take us to the king to see if we can get through to the dragon’s lair.
Game 5
Don't Drink the Water

vais thursday at Wendell’s – into the cave of bugs with your two new best friends – Cowfoot and Rathair

Maybe next week. Game week of 1/24 is cancelled. :(

  • Attending was Brad, Ernie, Kathy and Hannah
  • Shortly inside the cave the tunnel ended into a wall with a narrow shaft in front. There was a piton with a rope running through it as if somebody was scaling the shaft.
  • Valeros rigged rope for repelling and used his rope to tie to himself as a safety. Handed other end to ogre to catch if he fell. Then repelled down. There was an obvious battle between something and Bugs + Goblins. Looked like the bugs/goblins lost.
  • He pulled his bow to guard while everyone else came down.
  • While waiting, he missed the centipede that crawled up the wall and attacked him from behind. He had to drop his bow and pull his sword to attack, he cut it in half with the first swipe.
  • Daphne came down second and was attacked by one climbing up the shaft. She dropped down the rest of the way and the battle ensued. The centipedes had more friends that came in.
  • The ogres debated about which one would go down because one was busy holding the safety rope.
  • Ernie arrived and burning hands shortly followed his appearance.
  • Battle was won before the ogres got down.
  • The light globe that was present was noticed to be pulsing and moving a little on its own.
  • Started with right hand rule. First tunnel, the non-perceptive Valeros fell into the quicksand but managed to pull himself out.
  • Second tunnel, Valeros walked into the brown mold cold and took damage. Ernie hit it with burning hands and it grew. Then hit it with two cold spells and killed it.
  • Went further down the tunnel and found another campsite of the group before us.
  • Kyia went to investigate the site and a muddy water pseudopod popped out, attacked her and stuck her to the spot. Apparently it is acid based attack. We all tried to figure out a way to attack it.
  • Ogres took brute force method and managed to free Kyia and do some damage.
  • Valeros decided not to ruin a weapon in the acid and picked up rocks to throw. Eventually, we beat it to death with rocks.
  • we healed and camped.
  • Continued the next day and encountered a pool with an island in the middle with the purple rocks everyone was looking for. There was also manticore in the middle of the island.

Session end

Game 4
Sometimes talking works better

Everyone but Tony
(Written by Wendell, edited by Tom)

  • Guard Torkamata let the werewolf Carlene Olson go because he claimed that Belor Hemlock told him to let her go. The sheriff denies this.
  • Party decided to continue out to Ashen Rise. On the way, we stopped at Tarpia farm and left the horses. The farm had hired guards due to goblins.
  • walked out to Ashen rise.
  • noticed thin line of smoke as we approached.
  • Kyia snuck up to look and it was an abandoned camp fire.
  • Party followed tracks out across top of rise until we found caves. One had something staring out of it.
  • saw buzzards circling further out and took a look. Found dead ogre being eaten by dire rat.
  • Valeros and Evalyn shot at dire rat and killed it in one volley.
  • Went back to nearby cave and found two ogres – Cowfoot and Rathair.
  • For a change, we talked with the ogres instead of killing them. Found out that a human party lead by a dwarf ( Team Thug) passed by yesterday and killed the other ogre, Hogbreath. Said the party went to the next cave down where the goblins lived – the cave with the eyes.
  • Told ogres we were looking for the other party to kill them. Asked them if they would like to join us to talk with goblins and help us out. Much to our surprise, they agreed.
  • Ogres lead, we followed. Goblin guard saw ogres coming and ran.
  • Ogres can’t go in cave because they have an agreement with goblins. We convince them to hang out at cave entrance and kill anything we chase out, or follows us out while we run.
  • Negotiated with goblins and found out that they are after purple pumice. Cost us an alarm spell that Evalyn cast which she set to still let us in. Can only be found in center of rise. There are three tunnels to get there. Each has different things living there. First cave has ghost of dead warrior from the Great Goblin War. Second has bugs and rats. Third has snake men.
  • We get the feeling the Goblins are still holding something out on us.
  • Party trying to decide between ghost cave and bugs. Ogres preferred bugs so that’s where we are going.
Game Three
Does whatever a spider can


After a protracted battle with the spiders, the party emerged largely unharmed. Searching the area revealed a dozen spider cocoons hanging in the trees. Cutting these down, they found the dessicated remains of several creatures but also the barely living Ameiko and Shalelu. they grabbed them (along with 300gp that fell out of the cocoons) and went back to town.
Back in town, they learned that undead had attacked again the previous night and that the inhabitants were nearly panicked. Belor Hemlock insisted that they help with the night guard duty. Alarms bells rang and skeletons attacked but the battle was over before the party arrived to that section of town.
After a debate with Belor and Abstalar, it was decided that the party would proceed to Ashen Rise to investigate further.


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