Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game Two
Old McGoblin had a farm

Rodmear, Hannah, Wendell, Ernie

They arrived at the Errol Tarpia’s farm late in the morning on the following day. Several minutes away, the noticed several figures hanging around the farm yard. The figures went inside well before the party arrived or could recognize them. When they approached, they were ambushed by 12 goblin archers. Rodmear’s horse was killed and the remaining horses were injured and attempted to flee. The goblins broke into 3 groups of 4, one group attacking Hannah and Ernie, one attacking Wendell and one attacking Rodmear, who hid behind his dead horse.
Several lucky shots took out Rodmear in short order. Those 4 goblins split between the two remaining groups. Ernie and Hannah valiantly fought off their attackers, but Wendell, outnumbered and outflanked was taken down after killing several goblins.
Meanwhile, the goblin leader appeared, bound Rodmear’s wounds and went after Wendell. Shortly afterward, a child snuck out of the house and poured a potion down Rodmear’s throat. Back on his feet, Rodmear charged the Goblin leader, nearly killing him, but ultimately falling again.
The goblin leader healed himself and called his remaining forces to him. He then told Wendell and Ernie to surrender or their companions would be killed. After much soul searching, Hannah responded by shooting an arrow across the battlefield into the Goblin leader’s throat and killing him. The remaining goblins fled, one of them taking a few of the leader’s belongings before leaving.
Errol Tarpia appeared with his family and gave the party shelter and aid inside the house. The eldest son was sent by horse back to Sandpoint for aid, eventually returning with the other members of the party along with Abstalar Zantus. The party was quickly healed.
Talking to Errol Tarpia, they learned several things.

  1. The Goblins appeared 4 days ago, led by a human wearing a armor and a helmet with a skull painted on it.
  2. The Human had several followers, including two other humans, a dwarf and three elves.
  3. The human ordered the goblins to kill everyone and then move onto another farm
  4. The goblin decided to keep the humans as slaves after the human left.
  5. When they arrived, the head human searched the farm and took, along with the pitchfork, a pick pearl that was a gift for Errol’s daughter.
  6. When they left, the human told his non-goblin followers that he had usiness to attend to and that the rest of tehm needed to go to Ashen Rise.
  7. When Abstalar Zantus arrived and heard the story , he identified man as Thelsikar, a henchman of the leader from the Great Goblin War.

Fully recovered, the same party members went to Egan’s Wood to find Ameiko Kaijitsu and Shalelu. They were quickly surrounded by 8 giant spiders.

Game One

It all started on a typical Thursday afternoon.

Rodmear, Wendell, Kathy, Glaustir, Brad, Ernie, Hannah
Tony, Wendell and Hannah were hanging out in the Rusty Dragon. Rodmear talked to Bart, the bartender, who told Rodmearthat he was concerned about Ameiko Kaijitsu, the owner. She had gone with Shalelu to hunt spiders in Egan’s Wood three days ago and had not returned. Rodmear and Wendell had just agreed to go look for her when the city alarm bell rang.
The party gathered at the location of the alarm. An unidentified man had been brutally murdered, his body torn in several pieces. On the body Hannah discovered a piece of distinctive pink cloth. They went to a tailor shop owned by Carlene Olson, a woman for whom Wendell had worked as a mercenary. She went in the back room to get her list of customers. While she was gone, they found the cloak that the piece of clothing had been torn from. Searching the shop, they found that Carlene had run off and that she had a small cell with manacles below.
They chased Carlene down. She confessed to being a werewolf, but denied having killed anyone. They took her to the sheriff, Belor Hemlock. The sheriff summoned Abstalar Zantus and had a conversation that Hannah stealthily overheard. Belor wanted to just kill her, but Abstalar insisted that she could be cured with a scroll that could be retrieved from Nevaroton.
Later that evening, the alarm bells rang again. A ship crashed into the dock. Skeletons and zombies climbed out of the ship and began to attack everyone in reach. The party destroyed the invaders with little damage to themselves. Among the junk that fell out of the ship was a distinctive pitchfork owned by a nearby farmer, Errol Tarpia. When the sheriff arrived, he ordered them to leave the next morning to investigate.


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