Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 18

They Even Ate The Dog!

Thursday at wendells

The party went to Hambley Farm and encountered several ghouls. They also found several people that had been infected with ghoul fever but not completely turned. Those people were rescued via three scrolls of cure disease that Abstalar Zantus gave to Daphne before setting out. Several of the ghouls and all of the survivors were dressed up like scarecrows and hung in the fields. The ghouls broke free and attacked once the party got in range.

At the farm house, they encountered a pack of ghouls and their ghoul leader, all of whom they slew.
Inside the farmhouse, they found another dead body with the 7 pointed star carved in its chest. This body has been dead longer than the bodies found at the sawmill the previous week. With this body were three more notes, written in the same hand as the notes found at the saw mill, addressed to the same people.

To Daphne: “Take the fever into you my love. It will be the first of my gifts to you.”
To Valeros and Rodmere: “I fear you. I hate you. You must fear and hate me as well You may unmask me, so I must unmask you first.”
To Kyia “Weasel”, Malachi, Gorge: “You, and you alone, have brought this fearful harvest. They are dead because of you, and more shall join them soon.”


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