Pathfinder Beginner Box

Game 19

Finding Misgivings

After receiving another round of strange, disturbing notes, the Party decides explore Foxglove Manor, looking for the mysterious murderer that keeps leaving them the said notes.

upon arriving at the seaside manor, around which looks very sickly and dead plant life, Gorge noticed the presence of a ‘zombie raven’ which flew off to the north away from the house after being approached.

Rodmere and Valeros went to scout around the cliff face of the house, and shortly after Kyia “Weasel” checked for (and found no) traps on the front doors. After Daphne remebers the party has a key, which Kyia “Weasel” uses to unlock both front doors.

Rodmere has the wonderful idea of pushing a key on the piano, which sends Valeros into a dance with a strange invisible woman, which only he can see. the piano eventually stops playing itself, realizing Valeros from his dance.

Rodmere finds a diseased rat in a worn-out washroom and outs it out of it’s misery, afterwards returning to the party. Exploring the next room, Kyia “Weasel” and Daphne notice what appears to be a invisible person pacing back and forth. Rodmere of course decides to muck about in it, experiences the memories of a woman, whispering to him the name ‘Lorey’ and making him perceive for a moment that the house was on fire. Moving on to the dining room, the party discovers several strange stain glass windows depicting strange monsters. Valeros and Rodmere make quick work to smashing said windows.

moving on to the next room, Valeros is strangled by a mysterious scarf, seeing the image of (insert guy we are looking for) strangling him. Malachi looks over a statue in the fireplace of a butterfly-winged angel, covered in flesh and skull bits, as if it had been used to bludgeon someone with. Valeros then moves onto an open book, discovering it as a ’who’s who’ of Magnimar, open to the Foxworthy family.

the party moves onto the entrance hall, covered in game trophies, bears, stag and such. In the middle sits a large, stuffed Manticore.

Rodmere find a mummified monkey head with a rope and bell, which makes loud monkey noises. He pulls it off the wall and sticks it into his bag


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