Valeros Backstory

The Legend of Valeros Penchez

Being a mercenary instead of a regular member of the guard gave Valeros Penchez the freedom to choose his own battles. While quick to rush to the defense of his new hometown of Sandpoint, he prefers to be exempt from the rigidity of life as a city guardsman. Valeros is on good terms with the guard and his best friend is among them.

He has been in town for a little over a year and makes his living guarding caravans and taking on other “special projects”. His exploits have begun to earn him a reputation as man that finishes what he starts and is unwaveringly loyal to his friends. Valeros left home at seventeen to avoid an arranged marriage to the daughter of a neighboring farmer. His family had hoped the marriage would ultimately bring the two farms together and increase the family’s wealth and influence in their community. But, Valeros craved adventure and decided the muscle and coordination he had built with the plow and ax would be better utilized behind the sword and shield.

Hearing of the arranged marriage was the straw that broke the mule’s back and Valeros struck out on his own under the cover of night. He wandered from town to town, picking up odd jobs until he ran into an old mercenary named Tando in a tavern. Valeros convinced the mercenary to let him become his apprentice and in exchange, he would serve with him for five years.

Valeros spent the next three years traveling and training with Tando. They became fast friends and Tando became like a second father to him, though Tando always referred to him simply as “boy”. Valeros was an excellent student with a natural ability with the longsword. In combat, his agility gave him a defensive edge while his intelligence, generally, kept him out of trouble.

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Valeros Backstory

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